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#643: Reshiram by supernanny191
#643: Reshiram
For :icongottadrawemall:

I've always loved white dragons and I was so happy when I was chosen to draw Reshiram ^___^

I hope it looks okay, the idea was to draw it in kind of a yin yang pose considering that's their theme.
DA I: Desk (Cullen romance spoilers)
This is totally based of an old "FRIENDS" quote that randomly came to mind the other day and thought it would so fit in with a conversation with Kayleigh and Sera.

And of course, Varric has to be there to write it all down, while Solas is off in the corner disproving as usual
Jaws of Hakkon (spoilers) Aftermath by supernanny191
Jaws of Hakkon (spoilers) Aftermath
Sometimes reality is a bitch.

After hearing the line Ameridan said, I wanted nothing more than just to go back to my LI and have a moment with them. But of course, playing it after the end game events means I only get one line of dialogue.
Dragon Age Origins: Infatuation reaction by supernanny191
Dragon Age Origins: Infatuation reaction
Done quite a few comics for my Inquisitor(s) and Hawke, so I thought it was about time my Warden got one.

Keep in mind her character was my first ever playthrough of any of the Dragon Age games, so when I went into the game and played through the start, I might have missed a few things as I was still trying to figure everything out. It was only later on in the game when you return to the Circle tower that I learned of Cullen's infatuation with her when he just straight out admits it when he thinks it's another trick of the demons torturing him and my reaction is was pretty much like of my Surana's in this comic.

Now I've just kind of adopted it into my own personal headcanon for these two that she just didn't notice anything, even though it was painfully obvious to everyone BUT her. (I guess in another life, these two would have been perfect for each other...)


United Kingdom
Current Residence: England, Hertfordshire

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*breathes deeply into paperbag* It finally happened! Mother of God, it finally happened!!!

Those long time friends/fans of mine would know that once upon a time I created an OC for the One Piece universe for kilnorc's Crew of The Axe series. Her name was Kirsty (named after me of course), she was the doctor of the crew with a particaliar devil fruit to heal those injured and herself. I called it, the HEAL-HEAL fruit. 

And for a time, it was mine, and only mine...

*falls to knees* DAMN YOU TO HELL ODA! *pounds ground* DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!!!!!!

(On the Brightside though, I might finally get to know what the Japanese name for the Heal-Heal fruit is, so hazzah on that!) 
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captainryno Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......are you "The" Supernanny? the one that made "Project Piece"?
supernanny191 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
That's me :D
captainryno Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
REALLY!?! the same one that did like 3 projects and was planning to do more but..ended them for some reason. but still! the 3 were pretty good!
supernanny191 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
Aww, thank you, it's nice to hear that you still remember those!

I did want to do more, but youtube kept on taking my videos down, then I couldn't get the episodes I the end, I just kinda moved on from them.

But it is really great to hear from a fan, this has made my day ^___^
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