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Back again, Nanny's back, tell a friend! (Sorry, hard no quote that song XD)

But yes, for the past week I've been on holiday over the seas to see my guy. We got up to lots of stuff over there.

***Warning, holiday rant ahead!***

1) We went up to some cabins as Brian's sister got married and all this family gathered to celebrate. We got our own little cabin which was nice, but it was quite a walk getting up there. I mean, I personally had no problem with it as I walk everywhere back home, but I know Brian got pretty out of breath and I felt so guilty dragging him back and forth. There were times where I'd offer to just go by myself to get stuff up there which sometimes he'd let me, but at times he'd be stubborn and go anyway with me.

We also had a nice meal over there as well where I got to try "Chicken Fried Steak" which was actually pretty good, even though I was thrown off by the very idea of it as it's defiantly not something we have in England. Nevertheless, I will try my cooking skills at trying to recreate it.

We got to go out onto the lake which was beautiful. Originally we were meant to go out that Saturday, but it kinda rained the whole day, but then Sunday was a lot better. Brian's sister and new husband rented a pontoon for the day, so we got to go out on that and even got to learn how to fish a little.

After that, Brian and I rented a canoe as I've never been in before, which lead to a bit of a embarrassing but funny looking back on it moment which I won't say (even though Brian put on me to tell). I didn't fall in though! XD

2) The day after we got back from the cabins, Brain and I went to see TMNT and then went out to pizza afterwards. We were the only ones in the theatre and we had a blast seeing it. We know the movie has its flaws but we still enjoyed it together despite all the negative reviews it's getting. Also, from this I'm not addicted to the song "Shell Shocked", I downloaded it as soon as I got back into London and have been listening to it on my phone. Although it does make me sad a little each time I listen to it and I'm reminded off the times when we both sang it together alongside each other.

Oh, also on that day we looked around the mall and got some cool stuff. I finally found an Arya POP figurine I've been looking for. Been on the lookout for it at cons, but they never have it. I also got a beautiful book of Hans Christian Anderson books from Barnes and noble, got the Grimms version of it for Christmas last year, but this one was always sold out on Amazon. But last but not least, I got a little Catbug plushie! He's just so cute~~~ When I saw him, Brian said I had a little fan-girl moment, which I so believe XD

3) We did the Ice bucket challenge as you may of seen, I got nominated first, then Brian did by his friend and co-worker, Wade.…

4) We visited some of Brian's favourite comic book places, Hastings and Top5, where I picked up a few comic of my own:
Ms Marvel #1 (the new one)
Bee and Puppycat #3
Bravest Warriors #22
Fables #125-#129

5) On the final full day, we went out to see Guardians of the Galaxy together, me for the 2nd time, Brian for the first. We were not alone in the theatre this time though, but we still enjoyed the movie together. We then went out to dinner together afterwards.

6) Then came the day we had to say goodbye to each other, which was really sad, I was trying so hard not to cry, but as soon as we parted, I couldn't hold in back anymore (didn't help that the gift shop was playing such a sad song as well >.<).

Had quite the experience getting home though....All the time I was there, we had been keeping an eye on the volcano in Iceland, thinking it might blow and leave me stuck over there again just like in 2010 when I first visited for 2 weeks. But, much to much relief to my family and managers, it didn't. However...I almost got stuck over there via another way...My first plane was got delayed so much and waited around at the connecting airport to be parked up and let off so long that I literally had 15 mins to just book it through the airport, up the skylink train to switch terminal, back down again to get to my gate before they could close the doors so the plane could take off. I got there just in time and on the plane a few mins before it took off, at the time I was thinking "God knows if my luggage got transferred in time, I'll take care of that when I get back...I'M JUST SO GLAD TO BE ON THIS PLANE! T___T"

So yeah, I got home okay in the end, plus even by some miracle, my luggage actually did make it on time, so yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Still adjusting to the time differences, hasn't quite hit me yet, but I'm sure I'll feel it later when I got back to work during the next week.

I did get some pages of the nuzlocke drawn up in my sketchpad while I was over there, so I'm gonna start working on them as soon as I'm recovered, can't say exactly when they will be up or if I'll still stick to a scheduled release. But I'll try my best.

In the meantime, the all character Q&A will be up next weekend! (I hope)
  • Mood: Happy Tears

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